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Issues with OneNumber

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hello. After some consideration I have decided to stay with Vodafone for another 2 years (12 years running) as their offer for sim only was hard to miss.


Since part of the deal is reduced price for connectivity of smartwatches, I’ve decided to link up my apple watch to the plan through OneNumber functionality. Initially I was trying to do it myself online but after few failed attempts I have decided to give 191 a call.


The chap who I spoke to was very helpful and said that everything was set up correctly including inputting apple watch EID number but for some reason the activation was on hold. He said not to worry and that it should be resolved within an hour…but unfortunately it wasn’t. As such I have called 191 again and on this occasion I was told that the order is in place but it may take up to 24 hrs to be processes. That’s absolutely fine however this forum is full of posts where lack of “immediate” connection or “process on hold” MEANS TROUBLES AND ISSUES.

So what’s actually going on? Is the 24 hrs wait time actually needed or is there something dodgy going on from the start?





Hey @ElMartinez83 Any actions or orders we place on accounts can take up to 24 hours to complete and we always advise this as the time scale. Even if an order takes 23 hours and 59 minutes to complete, this doesn't mean there was an issue 🙂 In some cases, orders may exceed this 24 hours period and if this happens, we can escalate it to a specialist team who work the order and push it to complete as quickly as they can. 

Hi @Effie  - thanks. I’ll wait patiently until tomorrow in that case. But if it doesn’t work you’ll definitely be hearing from me again 😂 have a nice day! 😉

Absolutely @ElMartinez83 If you aren't up and running by the end of the 24 hours, please give the Social Media team a message here so that we can get it checked out and escalated for you. I hope you have a lovely day too 😊

Try 6 weeks still no connectivity to 1 number.

I must admit that my issue was resolved straight away…sorry to hear about your troubles @mickigi !

I'm sorry to hear you've been trying to get your OneNumber Connectivity sorted for this amount of time - I know it's important to stay connected and how frustrating this must be @mickigi . 

Please come and speak to my team via social media so we can take a look into this further for you - if you include a link back to your post here, you won't need to repeat yourself again. 


That's great to hear @ElMartinez83 - thanks for letting us know 🎉 

Hi @Effie - forgot to tell you - all got resolved and works as intended from the very same day.