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Pay monthly

My Dad's contact ended 5 years ago, they have continued to take payment

2: Seeker



My 70yr old Dad is moving abroad and I am sorting out all of his accounts and direct debits.

He has 2 accounts on Vodafone, one for his and one for his wife, they have had them for 15+ years.

They are paying £50 each per month.

Just got through to them and they said that their contracts ended in 2016, but as they didn't change or cancel their plan they have continued to take the £50 each per month!!!!!

So they are basically paying £50 each for a sim only plan..

Current SIM only plans are around £10 per month for a low amount of Data

Surely they cannot do this?

Surely they have a duty of care to contact them and/or automatically change their package?

What can I do about this?


Thank you!!


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16: Advanced member

I absolutely understand your viewpoint but not sure the networks are obligated to automatically reduce the price when you're out of contract. 

I believe OFCOM recently brought something in where they are obligated to let you know you're coming up to the end of contract and what options are available but this wouldn't have applied in the timescales you mention. 

This article on the subject may be helpful for some further insight.

Assume you've already either put the cancellation through or ported them onto PAYT if they're leaving the UK.

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17: Community Champion

When a pay monthly contract comes full term it then converts to a 30 day rolling contract as far as I'm aware @dmchristy 

Typically the account holder either then contacts customer services and upgrades, or carries on with the contract or considers sim only or payg.

The account holders would need to contact customer services to give 30 days notice to end the contract @dmchristy 


Or ask Vodafone for a PAC or stac to move to another Network's payg service which then ends the contract as soon as the new Network uses the pac or Stac.

The link shows how this can be requested via a text message.

So no 30 days notice is then required.



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