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Pay monthly

My contract ends in just over 30 days - when I do I need to use PAC code?

4: Newbie

My contract runs out in mid-June and I will be requesting a PAC code to transfer to the new provider.

So, in terms of timing - how many days before the contract end date should I give the PAC code to the new provider to ensure I minimize any overlap between this contract and the new one BUT also to ensure Vodafone don't charge me for additional days (or month?!) if I run over the end date?


In case Vodafone is interested, the main reason for leaving is the ridiculous £6 a day for roaming. If my partner and I go on a 2 week holiday we could potentially have to pay over £150 - even if we only use a few MBs of data or 1-2 minutes of calls a day or send 1 text a day..If I take my kids, then £300!! Complete money-grabbing greed on the part of Vodafone (and the other providers!) I don't know how Ofcom let them get away with it...

I have 4 contracts with Vodafone and have been a customer for over 15yrs - put up with their mostly poor customer service because they always gave a good deal at renewal time. 

I will definitely be moving every one of those contracts away as they are complete - thankfully they all do later this year...




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