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Not able to receive calls/messages from outside Vodafone network after porting from O2

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I’ve recently moved from O2 to Vodafone and even though I was advised my number had been ported successfully, I am unable to receive calls/messages from anyone not on the Vodafone network.

My Apple ID also won’t let me verify for iMessage/FaceTime.

I am able to make calls to any network, it’s just if someone tried to contact me who isn’t on Vodafone, it won’t work!

very frustrating and disappointing, reading similar threads it’s a known issue but spent over and hour on the phone with them today for them to tell me it was my voicemail settings which is incorrect, they also then said it was an Apple issue which is also incorrect!

Anyone else had this issue?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Kirk04, it sounds like we may not have received all the files for your number from o2. We'll be able to request these again for you. As we'll need access to your account to do this, please pop us a private message through our social channels.



I have already done this but was advised it can take upto 72 hours. 
move been moved over since Friday and been without inbound calls since so nearly a week until the problem is fixed. 
not a great start

Hi @Kirk04 👋 I do apologise, this certainly isn't the way we want to welcome you to Vodafone. If you are still having any issues after 72 hours, please let us know over social media and we will be able to chase this up for you to get this resolved.