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One Time Passcodes not being received

2: Seeker

Hi everyone,


ever since I switched my number from Sky Mobile to Vodafone I have never been able to receive OTP passcodes for anything that uses them (Klarna for example).  Occasionally I’ll have one OTP passcode come through for every 30-40 requests or so but regardless of the service provider I try to log in to, I have to set up 2FA via the Google Authenticator app just to try and bypass it but not all providers allow 2FA app setup


could someone at Vodafone maybe able to tell me how I can get this resolved please?


I’ve tried calling Technical once before however they were unable to find a fault

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17: Community Champion

There has been some previous threads on the forum with the same problem 

@Soap7974 if you use the forum  search facility these should come up.


This is going to need account access,  speak to the  Social Team and they will help here Contact Us  

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