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Onenumber subscription

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

No chance of connecting my watch to one number




Sachitt : Hi, how can I help you today?

Eleanor : Hi I want to get onenumber for my my watch but every time I try the QR code will not come up

Sachitt : no worries i will locate the account and sort this for you :Smiling:

Eleanor : Ty

Sachitt : Can I ask you a few questions to clear security for your account?

Eleanor : Yes

Sachitt : Could you confirm the 1st and 2nd digit of your PIN?

Eleanor : xx

Sachitt : Perfect, that takes care of security.

Sachitt : Moving away from the chat window or not responding for 8 mins may result in losing the chat. If it does, here's a link to get back to us faster than usual: I will also share this via text in case the chat disconnects.

Sachitt : Please allow me 2 to 3 minutes as I look into this for you, thanks.

Eleanor : Ok

Sachitt : thanks

Sachitt : may i know you need onenumber connectivity plan for your watch?

Eleanor : Yes my smart watch it is 4g/LTE

Sachitt : can you confirm me the make and model?

Eleanor : Yes ticwatch pro

Sachitt : thank you so much for sharing

Sachitt : i will connect you with the dedicated team so they can help you in a better way

Sachitt : shall i?

Eleanor : Yes ty

Sachitt : thank you so much for understanding please stay connected as there will be a wait time of 2-3 minutes

Eleanor : Kk

Abir : Hello and welcome to the Vodafone Upgrades Team, I’m Abir and how are you today?

Eleanor : Great u

Abir : Im very well thank you :Smiling:

Abir : How can I assist you today?

Eleanor : I have a smart watch and in onenumber site it will not generate the QR code for me to connect my watch

Abir : Ok im sorry to hear that I wouldn't be able to check this from my side of the system as you have been put through to upgrades, I can connect you with our customer technical care team and they can help you get this set up from your side

Eleanor : Well it's the website that will not subscribe me to one number on my plan it says I have a onenumber plan

Abir : Ok not to worry I will connect you with our technical care team and they can help getting this set up on their side

Eleanor : Ok

Riddhi : Hi, you're chatting with Riddhi. Let me quickly go through the chat, so that I can help you.

Eleanor : Kk

Riddhi : You wish to get QR code for your watch or mobile/

Eleanor : Yes my watch but it just keeps saying ops

Riddhi : Yes let me help you with the details

Riddhi : To activate your watch with your mobile, you need to take one number subscription on your account for 7 GBP one off cost.

Riddhi : I can understand that you wish to get QR code, however without one number plan it wll not get activate. So first you need to take one number subscription on your vodafone account.

Eleanor : Yes been trying that but will not let me subscribe

Riddhi : Yes let me connect your chat to dediacted team to take new one number plan.

Riddhi : "We have a dedicated team for you, which will help you with the same.

Kindly stay connected while I connect you to the dedicated team."

Eleanor : Again

Prashant : Hello, You’re connected to customer Resolution team, My name is Prashant, I’ll quickly go though the above chat to ensure you get the desired resolution .

Prashant : Thanks for waiting .

Prashant : I've checked the conversation and can see you are looking to add one number on the account.

Eleanor : Yes

Prashant : Can you please confirm the error you are getting when you click on this link

Eleanor : I go through it all it says subscribe then it shows me pictures of how to get the QR code when I get to the bottom there is no QR code

Eleanor : Just says oops your esim is not ready yet I have tried loads of times still the same

Prashant : Please don't worry, let me send the QR code on you e-mail right now.

Prashant : I've checked the account and would like to share the one number has not been active yet on the account and due to multiple connection showing on the account it has stuck.

Prashant : Would recommend to please keep the link saved and try again in next 24 hours as this is the link to get the one number added on the account .

Eleanor : So what you saying

Prashant : Eleanor, I would recommend to please try the link again in next 24 hours and this will be sorted .

Eleanor : so u can not sort this out after going to 5 different departments

Prashant : Eleanor, let me check withy my manager and see if we can place the order for one number.

Prashant : I've checked with my manager and confirmed that the dedicated sales team will help you to get the one number sorted.

Mohammed :

Hi you’re speaking with Mohammed at Vodafone today. Hope you are well 😊 Please allow me a few minutes to bring myself up to speed with your last chat


Eleanor : Kk

Mohammed : Okay so it seems you one number is not yet active, what i would recommend you do is wait another 24 hours, so until 4:30pm tomorrow and try the link again, this should then work.. However if it does not then i would advise you call 191 and speak to the customer resolutions team.

Eleanor : So 6 departments later that all you can advise

Mohammed : Sorry about this, see with your One number service not yet active it usually refreshes and becomes active the next day so we advise this and usually solves the issue.

Mohammed : Really appreciate your patience and hope this is the end of it tomorrow.

Eleanor : Vodafone are not a sister company of virgin media by any chance as all they do is send you to every department and nothing get solved

Mohammed : No we are not however i understand completely where you are coming from, i can understand your frustration.

Mohammed : The One number should be active tomorrow and the link should then work. I do hope this is the case

Eleanor : It's not frustrating just we have computers and no one can sort this out why asking someone to wait 24 hours and hope for the best is no right

Mohammed : Of course, i know what you mean but somethings we just can't manually activate and this is one of them

Eleanor : Kk enjoy the your evening 👍🏻

Mohammed : Same to you, you have been speaking to Mohammed at Vodafone. Thanks for contacting us, take care and stay safe :Smiling:


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

If you have any further problems adding One Number to the account to receive the QR code @eleglifesgood , send the Social Team a message over social media here: Contact Us , they will have all the necessary account access and will help and get your watch connected.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @eleglifesgood  - thank you for sharing this with us, though I'm sorry to hear about your experience trying to get this OneNumber service activated. I can completely understand your frustration. 

As @AnnS has mentioned, please get in touch via social media if there's anything you still need help with. 

Thanks but for some reason I can not have onenumber is my credit history but I have a contact with them and all its is add to my phone bill at 30days contact had the contract 12 months never missed a payment there lost 

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Thank you for sending over those details. The best next steps would be to drop us a message on social media @eleglifesgood if you follow the link provided by @AnnS and include a link back to this forum post to save you repeating yourself so that we can check your account.

Nar it's ok transferring my number to EE there happy to give me a contact with my number and and a watch only thing is I lose YouTube cheers