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2: Seeker

Morning folks, first time using this so apologies if i get things muddled up. My problem is this, about an hour ago i went on to Vodafone's website to try and place an order for the Galaxy Z flip phone, it all went through fine, the payment was taken and is now in my pending transactions awaiting Vodafone to either accept or deny my payment based on the outcome of the order. 


Unfortunately however when the order was placed I did not receive an order confirmation, or any confirmation for that matter in regards to my order going through, I have spent the last hour googling things on what it may be and the best thing I could find was that it can take up to 3 weeks! Hopefully I am wrong. I have also started to doubt myself that I could have entered the wrong email address and that could be why I have not received word yet, but I did enter my correct phone number so that is something.


I am merely looking for some sort of confirmation that they have received my order and its being processed or its awaiting a response from credit check reference agencies. 


Is there any way for me to find out that they have my order and its pending etc?



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17: Community Champion

Welcome to the Vodafone Community Forum  :Smiling:

I would suggest to also check any Spam email inboxes you have just incase its dropped into there @Lachlan_Reid 

You may get some conformation today or Monday to confirm.

As the monies are pending in your bank account thus is a good sign Vodafone have received your online order pending Credit Check.

Fingers crossed this is passed for you.

There is no account access via the forum but Vodafone can be contacted via the Vodafone Social Media Teams Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries and 03333040191 or 0808 0408408

I wish you all the best with your application. 

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