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Order on hold

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I placed an order on thr 25th January for a watch using one number with a new contract for vodafone.

Initially it wouldn't go through, but an advisor was able to place the order for me.

3 days later, the order still said in progress. 

I was assured it would be 24 hours and the order would be sent out.

After 24 hours I was assured that I would receive it by the 2nd February.

On the 2nd February I was told it was because they were waiting for my number to port over on the 7th February, and I would receive it shortly after that.

On the 8th February I was told that the order was stuck and I would have to cancel it and reorder. When I explained that that would mean I would be paying more than when I originally ordered I was basically told tough, there was nothing they could do and I could either pay more or just buy from somewhere else.

I was then passed to the supervisor who "added the primary product" and it would be released in 10-20 mins. Maybe 25 hours.

Looking back, this seems to be an issue you have had for many YEARS. 

I would really like this resolved properly and appropriately. I do not want to cancel the order and pay more for a new one when this isn't my fault. 

Thank you



Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry the adviser was unable to help with the issue with your order @Jesoween. It sounds like the supervisor identified the 'primary product' number hadn't been included in your original order, if he's added this for you, the issue will have been resolved and your order will complete in 24 hours. This time frame is the same for any change made to your account.
If you'd like us to double check your orders on track again, we'll need access to your account. As we're unable to deal with any account related queries via such a public forum, please pop us a message via one of our social channels and we can look into this for you.