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Proof of Usage eSIM

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi, my Samsung Z Fold 5 was stolen on 20 May 2024. I need a Proof of Usage to submit an insurance claim.

I have already completed the form at this link using my IMEI number [Removed]

Vodafone responded via email "Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find usage records for a device matching the IMEI Number [Removed] and mobile number ending: [Removed]."

My phone was purchased from Samsung Australia and was being used on a Vodafone eSIM pay monthly plan. I think Vodafone wasn't able to provide a PoU because I was using an eSIM and not a physical SIM. I do not have the IMEI (eSIM) number as the phone has been stolen.

Can Vodafone please look up my number and check what IMEI (eSIM) was being used between 28 August 2023 and 20 May 2024? According Vodafone Community forums, Vodafone should be able to look up my number and confirm what IMEI (eSIM) was being used to make calls during this period.

Can Vodafone please confirm if a PoU can be issued with an EID [Removed]? This is the only number that Vodafone Live Chat could find that was tied to my account.

If Vodafone is unable to issue me a PoU can you please let me know so I can confirm with my insurer?

I have been back and forth with Live Chat and via email with the Proof of Usage team for a week and they are struggling to understand my problem... They keep providing me a PoU for the replacement phone that I am using now and not the one that was stolen. If this is not resolved I will have to raise a complaint...

Thank you,

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Hello, @alexanderccg. I hope you're well. I understand that you're having some difficulty obtaining proof of usage. In order for us to look into this further, we'll need you to reach out to our Social Media Team, as they'll be able to access your account and look into this request for you.