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Recent number port- i can make calls- anyone who calls me 'number not recognised'

3: Seeker

Hi there, I ported over my old o2 number to Voda, which was actioned at around 11am today. My old sim is now inactive. 


My new sim with now my old number is inserted into my new device Iphone 11,  and i can make calls fine. However, if anyone tries to call me a message is heard 'this number is not recognised'.


i have turned my phone off and on again. Removed and reinsterted the sim. put my phone on areoplane. mode and on again. Tried to connect to another network in my settings and joined voda again. nothing has worked so far. 


Thank you, 

Katie x



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Kea23 


Porting happens in stages and usually completes late in the working day and you may well find it sorts itself out later today.


If there are still problems late this afternoon, contact Vodafone through the customer service channels, the Porting Team will be able to raise a split port request with 02 on your behalf.  Alternatively, speak to the Social Team through social channels here: Contact Us 

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