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Transferring ownership of phone number

2: Seeker

I'm hoping to have my phone number transferred from my dad's name to my own name. The phone I currently have is due to be upgraded from July and the agreement ends in August. If I were to have the number transferred to me just now, would I still be able to upgrade it from July or would I need to wait for 90 days? Alternatively, if I upgraded the phone under my dad's name in July, then had it transferred to me, would that cause problems if the agreement for my current phone doesn't officially end till August?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @rlogan 


Vodafone have a 3 month clear payment rule, if your Dad is going to transfer ownership to you, he will need to do the upgrade before the transfer to you.  Further information here: Transfer of Ownership 


With the upgrade being due July your Dad will need to do the upgrade before transferring ownership, or wait until the contract end date but make sure the contract renewal is done before transferring to you.


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