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Unable to claim Vodafone Advantage Code

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have been trying to claim a vodafone advantage code for the last few days but the claim button would not work.

I have tracked the issue down to 404 (Not Found)


So it seems the button to claim is calling a page that no longer how do I get my code?



Hello, @casti3. I hope you're well. I understand that you're having some trouble claiming your Vodafone Advantage discount code, and we can certainly help you with this. Have you tried claiming from the main Vodafone Advantage page? Is it when you're emailed the portal link which you're getting the invalid URL? 



I go to the main page.

Enter my work email.

Receive an email with a login link.

This works and I reach the page to claim a code. (I can see two codes I claimed last year and 4 unclaimed)

I click the "claim now" button and nothing happens.

When I use F12 to inspect what the page is doing it shows me there is an error when I click the button as the page the button wants to reach to generate the code is not available.

Okay, thanks for clarifying, @casti3. It sounds like we need to take a deeper look into this for you, please reach out to our Social Media Team and link them to this Community thread, so they can investigate this further. 

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I can confirm I have exactly the same problem as described above so its obviously a Vodafone issue. 

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It looks like the Vodafone Advantage portal is having an issue with the URL used to claim codes, resulting in a 404 (Not Found) error. Here are some steps you can take to resolve this issue: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: Sometimes, outdated or corrupted cache and cookies can cause issues with loading pages. Clear your browser cache and cookies and try again. Try a Different Browser or Device: There might be a compatibility issue with the browser or device you are using. Try accessing the page from a different browser (like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) or a different device. Check for Website Updates or Maintenance: The page might be temporarily down for maintenance or updates. Check Vodafone's website or social media channels for any announcements about site maintenance. Contact Vodafone Support: Phone or Chat Support: Reach out to Vodafone customer support directly via phone or live chat. Explain the issue and provide them with the specific URL that is causing the problem. Email Support: If you prefer, you can email Vodafone customer service with a detailed description of the problem, including the URL and the error message you are seeing. Use a VPN: Occasionally, network issues or regional restrictions can cause access problems. Using a VPN to connect from a different region might resolve the issue. Report the Issue: If the problem persists, report it to Vodafone's technical support. They can investigate the issue on their end and provide a solution or workaround. Given that the issue is a 404 error indicating the resource is not found; it's likely a problem on Vodafone's side. Contacting their support team will be the most effective way to get your code.

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3: Seeker

I can also confirm this is the exact problem I’m having, I called Vodafone yesterday and they said it’s not their fault and I need to contact my HR???? Looking at moving to EE as they give their discount codes out quite easily 

Vodafone Social Media have sent off for a manual code to be created for me, been told this takes 48 hours.

Thank you for letting me know! Which social media did you use? 

Facebook messenger