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Unable to login to account

2: Seeker

I've been having issues accessing my account over the past 5 days - early on Monday I received a text message thanking me for joining Vodafone and giving me an order number. I called immediately because I was concerned that someone had got access to my account, but the guy on the phone explained that there had been some kind of issue with my account which had been noticed by the back office people and the fix they'd implemented should take 48-72 hours to resolve the issue.


Since then I've been unable to log into my account (various error messages, but mainly 'An unexpected error occurred when trying to log you in. Please wait a moment then try again.') and when I open the app on my phone I get 'We're sorry, we can't find this information right now' against both Data and Current charges, and also when I click on 'Your Plan' (with an 'Error code: 4300').


A couple more things to note:

  • If I click forgotten password, I get a password reset email from Voxi (who I appreciate are part of Vodafone) which initially seems to work but then still doesn't actually allow me to log in.
  • I called the helpdesk a second time during the week and the guy seemed to think from looking at my account that I was a new customer, despite having been with Vodafone since 2016 or so.
  • Not sure if it's connected, but back in December I accepted the '30 days unlimited data' offer but ended up getting a £5 credit as they were unable to add it due to a technical error.

Any suggestions for how to resolve the issue? While I'm still connected and able to make/receive calls, I'd rather not risk losing this ability as I'm working from home and that's my main form of contact.


Thanks in advance,


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17: Community Champion

You're certainly right to be concerned, but it does sound as though this may be anomaly and I suspect that's why the account is locked.

As there's no account access via the forum, I'd recommend dropping a note to the Social Media Team on Facebook or Twitter.   You can put in a link to this thread to avoind having to repeat yourself.   The team will be able to take your details privately and find out what's happening.

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2: Seeker

Thanks, I'll give that a try.

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