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Unable to pay £8 bill that has been outstanding for 15 months...

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I have an outstanding final pay monthly SIM-only bill from September 2020 when I switched providers. The outstanding balance is only £8, but I never paid it off because...well, I just forgot about it quite honestly. Curiously I've never been chased about it and credit reports have never flagged it up, but as I'm currently looking at buying my first house I'm extremely paranoid (probably rightly so) that the missed payment and potential for defaulting could lead to difficulties in getting a mortgage. I'm cautiously optimistic that no irreversible damage has been done to my credit history, but I desperately want to pay off this outstanding balance regardless of its insignificant value.


Anyway, I've had no luck over the last few days paying the bill.

  • I only know the last four digits of my account number because these are the only digits shown on monthly statements (I have no other emails from Vodafone).
  • 03333 040 191 will not accept my mobile number (option 1 when dialling) as it apparently cannot be found, presumably because the number switched to a new provider.
  • As per the first bullet point, I cannot use my account number to progress because I do not know the full number.
  • Live chat also does not work because it does not load (spinning loading icon - tried several times).

I literally have no idea what to do now and it scares me how difficult it is to pay a measly £8 bill which could have negative repercussions.

Is there a customer services email address I can use instead? This would likely be so much quicker than jumping through all the hurdles I've had to jump through thus far.





Thanks for letting me know @mcarlin The team can't take payments but they can provide you with the necessary information so that you can make a payment via your online banking 🙂 I've found your Twitter message now so I'll pop you a reply over there and we can get this resolved for you! 

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Unfortunately it won’t allow me to log on to my Vodafone as I no longer have an account. When I phone up on the first menu it asks for the number. I enter the mobile dongle number it relates to and it says no account found. So I can’t get any further. All I want to do is pay the outstanding so it clears my credit report 

I completely understand. Thank you for the additional information @Neil_hc. Have you gotten in touch with our Live Chat team using the link provided?