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Vodafone basics

4: Newbie

Was going to leave Vodafone after alot of years because they are over priced, but have just come across your basics range. How come these do not show up in my upgrade list to be able to purchase? If I could change to one of these deals I'd happily stay with vodafone.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @darrenp63


Basics are only available online through affiliate sites and the tariffs would be for new SIM only contracts with a new number.  


If you already have a contract to transfer your number to a Basics contract Vodafone would need to put the number on PAYG taking 30 days to complete or port out and PAC back in onto the new Basics SIM only by following this link: Keep My Number

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4: Newbie

Ok, guess I'll be leaving then.


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17: Community Champion



A person nearing the end of their contract are in a good negotiating place.

I'd suggest to circumvent the online upgrade route and call 191 and choose the thinking of leaving option which would get a person through to Retentions.

Have some info on these contracts and deals from other networks and barter with the Retention Team.

Ask for a Pac as you are thinking of leaving anyway which let's you take your number with you and auto cancels your Vodafone contract straightaway when you let another network use it by giving it to them within 30 days of Vodafone issuing the Pac to you, but it may also help to jolt the Retentions Department into offering a bit more to stay.

Some people get calls from Vodafone after ending the call to try and save your Custom but don't rely on that.

However you proceed I wish you all the best with this situation. 

Tip > leave your direct debit in place until the final bill is paid which is in approx 2-4 weeks and then is followed by a Sorry your Leaving Letter and £0 bill - keep this documentation as it proves all is paid up.

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