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Vodafone error/buggy systems caused bad credit; attrotious customer support & broken promises.

2: Seeker

I wanted to raise an issue with Vodafone as out of the blue I have received a call from Ardvent regarding an overdue amount due from me to Vodafone.

 This is a very surprising development since I have never received any formal notification from Vodafone that I was in arrears on my account. I believe that legally Vodafone cannot merely hand a person over to a debt collector without first informing that person that they are overdue and also to notify them of that action- I have never received any message, SMS, mail, or letter?  

Firstly when I first set up my account in-store at Vodafone in Canterbury, Kent, I specifically signed an account opening form which requested a direct debit of all amounts to go to my banking account, for both my accounts. While my account showed my balance due for a time before your software developed a bug and both my app and online log-in showed a balance of 0.00 owing; which given I was meant to be on an auto-debit...I thought nothing of it. Therefore to be overdue was an unpleasant surprise.

I have tried over 2 calls (12th and 15th January) and 1 chat (14th January) to unsuccessfully resolve the issue but to no avail. Although I have some sort of vague verbal confirmation that the overdue amount is now resolved (by me actually paying the amount), I need written confirmation that:

  • firstly my direct debt has now been implemented and my account is up to date and nothing is owing,
  • secondly that the action by Ardent has been terminated with no impact on my credit score,
  • thirdly, I am not liable for the fees incurred and
  • lastly, at least some sort of apology for the nearly 6 hours of my time trying to resolve this mess and the stress caused.

The service has been appalling from the Customer Service (a total misnomer) Department and in some cases, my truthfulness was being doubted. I was promised on Thursday I would receive a call from your complaints division within 72 hours. 

There has been no clarification as to whether this matter has been settled, despite several requests.

All in all, for me to have spent HOURs in contact with your service team, all over the meager sum of less than 50 quid….this is appalling and needs investigation.



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17: Community Champion

I would urge you to contact the Vodafone Social Media Team's via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries and they'll get this investigated for you. They also have a Credit File Specialist Team who can check your file.

There is no account access via this forum to be helped from here unfortunately @volucris 

All the best with this.

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