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Widespread issues porting numbers?

4: Newbie

Hi, we did a port last wed EE to Voda to take place on thursday and it went wrong, we were told to wait till the next day, still nothing, both sims have now been dead since last thursday, on Friday it was put through again, no phone all weekend, today it worked for a single incoming call, then would only go to voicemail and is now back to invalid number, it's quite hard to contact vodafone without a working phone.

I've read on forums about other people having the same issue going from vodafone to voxi and also have another family member trying to port a number asda to vodafone and the online form hasn't worked since they tried on Friday, has this been taken offline due to apparent porting issues?



Hey @voda89. It's concerning to hear that you've been faced with many hurdles since transferring your mobile number from EE to Vodafone.  We understand not only the importance of keeping connected and in touch, but how alarming it must of been when your number was popping up as 'Invalid'. 


As we're unable to access your account via the Community to shed light on the matter, I would recommend getting in touch with our Social Media team. Alternatively, if you do have access to another UK mobile or landline, we do have a Customer Care team available on 03333 040191 (charges depend on the network provider). 


In regards to your family member not being able to raise a mobile number transfer online, I've double-checked and I can confirm that our Keep Your Number form is working. As this is the case, I would advise your family member to clear their browser cache/cookies, try an alternative browser or device. If they're still experiencing an issue online, please advise them to also get in touch via social media with a supporting screenshot so that the team can take a closer look.