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Youtube premium Red entertainment - useless Vodafone. ISSUES

2: Seeker

OK so since I started my new vodafone contract (which I kept only as I wanted the ent package), I selected youtube premium as that's what I needed.

Seemed to be all ok, youtube premium added to my profile and for a month, all good.


Then started getting charged for it on my bills, turns out vodafone had forgotten to add the ent pack to my account so I was just signed up to YT premium and being charged via vodafone.


So got that sorted (many long waits on the phone/chats and passed around all the various teams) and got credits for my bills. A link sent out for me to select YT premium as part of my ent pack. However it didn't work, kept saying I already had a premium account and I should try again when that premium account comes to an end.


So now I don't have YT premium, the initial sign up has expired. Despite numerous attempts on the (completely useless) chat function (which cuts off, takes forever to get replies, etc) and I've totted up - 5 hours on the phone! I am still not able to link YT premium to my account.


The callback from a tech team was promised and what a surprise, no call back.


Who else has had these issues? I can't be the only one.


And apparently, although I'm not getting what I signed up for, I am not able to cancel the vodafone contract.




Hi @DC04R We would love the opportunity to take a look at this and turn your experience around, if you could contact us by following the instructions here also linking to this thread meaning you won`t need to explain the situation again.

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2: Seeker

Sounds promising, but to be honest mate everyone has been keen and done absolutely naff all. Hence me signing up to this in a last ditch attempt.

Even the complaint form has been ignored so far.


But ok, I'll reply via the link and use FB messenger to go to Vodafone UK?

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