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credit file issue

2: Seeker

Hi there, 

I have had an issue with Vodafone account once I ported my number. Vodafone took direct debit twice from my account in a space or 3 days for the same bill of April 2022. I asked them why, I was told they didn't. I went to my bank and bank said the amount has left twice my bank account. The May bill was issued as and I was told this is the final one. Still haven't got my duplicated payment back at that point. I contacted my bank about the duplicate again and bank gave me money back. In June I received another bill saying my April 2022 was unpaid and late payment fees added. So not only Vodafone took duplicate DD for April 2022 bill, then I'm being charged with late payment fees and now my credit file shows I have a debt with Vodafone which them was was already settled back in April 2022. Has anyone come across this kind of issue? DO you know who to contact to fix this? Customer services are useless and they tell me I don't owe nothing (which I don't) but the credit file has got wrong information which now affect me directly.

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17: Community Champion

This is going to need account access @JoJo007 , the Social Team will be able to help here: Contact Us .  Alternatively, follow the complaints process where you will be assigned a case handler here: Complaints 

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