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why are you being difficult on purpose?

2: Seeker

so had a galaxy s21 on a 24 months contract, became faulty, sent back to Samsung, they said cant be repaired, gave me refund.


so needing a phone I saw your s21 black Friday offer, went to store, as an existing customer they offered it to me for a very good price of £359 outright, bought it, they said delivery next few days.


checked again today, so far out of stock and no delivery date, and instore advised up to 4 weeks at least for delivery.


so asked them instore to give me refund as cant wait that long, need a phone now, was told they cant, have to call 191 ( why? why cant you be like a normal shop and take my receipt and card a process my refund there and then)


called 191, was on hold for 1 and half hour then got disconnected before speaking to anyone, tried a second time was on the phone and hold and back and forth for 2 hours, was told that they can not cancel order, will have to wait until i get the phone, then return it to a shop for refund ( again, why? why cant they just take my order number, cancel and process my refund) , asked to talk a manager, she hanged up on me, lovely customer service btw 


so i now have to wait an unknown amount of time to get the phone and then return it? so you going to have my money for all that time? how am i suppose to buy another phone if you have my money?


why cant you act normal? is it really that hard? you know like for example Argos, john lewis etc, they would have handled it like normal shop.


are you doing this on purpose to make life difficult?   

your tobi is annoying, your robot that answers calls on 191 is annoying and your customer services is even more annoying


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Hi @esiemi thanks for letting us know what's been happening - this does sound frustrating and I'm sorry for the poor experience you're having trying to cancel your order. 

It'll depend on the current status of your order as to whether we can arrange a pre-delivery cancellation or if the phone's already been picked at the warehouse, you'd have to wait for delivery and then return it. 

So we can check it for you, please come and speak to my team on social media

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2: Seeker

contacted your team on twitter and Facebook, their reply


Thanks for passing security



I can see your order is showing confirmed and I'd advise you to please contact our dedicated team on 191 between 8 AM to 8 PM our team will check the status and help you to cancel it






the same useless "solution" as your 191 bot, chat bots, instore bots and your reply in this forum.

no point calling 191 as already have, cant actually believe how bad your customer service is, i thought Three had the worse customer service but you guys managed to change my mind. thank you


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2: Seeker

191 is a bot that tries its best not to connect you to a human

humans on the phone are in a foreign country with no idea on how to do things, they just read scripts off the screen and do nothing so solve your problem, they simply say "it is what it is" and when you push to talk to a manager they simply hang up

it normally takes 1-2 hours for them to answer your call

their chat bot "Tobi" is another joke

their forum does nothing to help, they advice to go on Facebook or twitter and DM and tell them your problem, all Facebook or twitter staff do is then point you to call 191

and then you call 191 to talk to bots, humans reading scripts and then the vicious circle of Vodafone continues to eternity, well done Vodafone, good job

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Apologies that we've not been able to amend your order @esiemi. We're trying our best to get delayed orders fast tracked; so if you contact us via one of our social channels again, we can take a few details and try to get the phone to you as quickly as possible, either for you to keep or return to us after that point.  

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