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Chat AI not fit for purpose

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I'm not a Vodafone customer but I'm now receiving texts for a real Vodaphone customer (their number is one digit different to mine).

I've tried to get in touch with Vodafone to sort it out but their ridiculous new chat AI doesn't understand simple statements and refuses to connect me to a real person when asked.

I've had enough now and if they can't even test these damn things before making them live I'm going to stop trying to do the right hing and they can deal with their own angry customer (which is what they are going to be).

This isn't just a Vodafone issue, Ebay is the same now and it's painful to get any issues resolved because you have to really fight to get past an AI chat bot before you can do anything.



Hi @A12345678. Thanks for reaching out about this. We can only apologise for any inconvenience caused and can understand you're eager to get this sorted ASAP. Sorry to hear you're having some issues getting in touch with a member of our team. Please contact us via social media here so that we can help get this resolved. 

Thanks for giving me a link to the same chat bot that didn't - and still doesn't - allow me to speak to a real person.

Just had another private bill text for the real Vodaphone customer.  Have you not heard of GDPR?

I look forward to receiving more confidential texts that I'm not entitled to next month.