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Cant unlock phone from Vodafone

2: Seeker


I have received my NUC code. Now I'm trying to unlock my Galaxy S7 from Vodafone but the code does not work.
Instruction says:
1. Turn off the phone.
2. Insert a non-Vodafone SIM.
3. Turn on the phone. You'll see a prompt to enter the SIM network unlocking code and then enter your NUC.
I have followed the simple instructions of powering the phone off, installing the non-Vodafone SIM, powering on the device but the first message I get is the request for the "SIM Network PUK", NOT the NUC which I'm told to expect.
When placing any non-Vodafone SIM card into the Galaxy S7 I'm getting the message:
"SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK". I tried 3 different active SIM cards from various providers.
I have used the PUK codes I have for the SIM cards and this did not work. I also tried the NUC code provided by Vodafone to unlock the phone - this also did not work.
I don't understand, how the other network is requesting the PUK if the phone is locked and not letting the SIM connect to its intended network.
Non of the SIM cards I used to unlock the phone are blocked because they work with handset that is not locked.
When I try to enter the NUC number instead of SIM network PUK or even if I enter the rigt PUC following message is come up "Network unlock request unsuccessful".
Can someone please advise, preferably with something productive please?  
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Hi @dominik77 normally to get a PUK would mean the phone is locked by inputting the incorrect NUC more than once. Our NUC team may be able to provide us with this. Please send us your details by following the private message I've sent you. 

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14: Advanced member



Good luck with that one !!!   It sounds to me as though you have, for whatever reason, entered the "wrong" code a number of times in succession and the phone has now "frozen" itself.  Getting out of this situation can be achieved via an "unfreeze" code - more commonly known as an MCK code - and the very best of British luck finding anyone at any network who has the slightest clue what one of those is, or how to generate one.   Very likely you will be pointed at Samsung who will point you back to Vodafone who will........ you know the rest.

My advice to you would be, unless you enjoy hours on the phone chasing wild geese, to take the S7 to an independent phone unlocking specialist and get it seen to there. This is likely to prove far quicker and less frustrating than trying to get front-line Customer Service staff to understand your situation and what is needed to resolve it.

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2: Seeker
I have the same problem. What is the way out of it?
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Hey @Garry_RUS I hope you're doing well 😊 I appreciate how frustrating this issue can be. Please get in touch with our Social Media team here so they can help get this sorted for you. 

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