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The NUC Vodafone sent me doesn't work.

2: Seeker

I have a Vodafone network locked Galaxy Note 10+. I got a PAYG dim from Vodafone in Feb 2020. And today I filled in the Vodafone form to get my NUC to unlock my phone to all networks.

I got the code within minutes of completing the online form. But when I try and use it (switching on my Note 10+ with a working/active Three SIM inside) it asks for a MCK (not a MCK) and I enter the 7 digit code from Vodafone. It says it's incorrect.

I triple checked all info - IMEI & NUC.

I tried it twice and both times it fails. So I don't want to permanently lock up my Note 10+.  Can a Vodafone person help please?



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@psb01 It sounds like you need a Master Unlock Code for the Samsung, we can get this sorted for you. Please reach out to our team with your details. To find out on how to contact us securely, please visit Here

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2: Seeker

Hi Josh,


I raised this on Twitter (@VodafoneUK) as well and someone called Oz helped me and took my details - including my number and IMEI and the unlock code Vodafone sent me.

Oz said he would pass it to the unlock team to get in touch with Samsung and they (unlock team) would email me within 10 days.

Although he didn't mention anything about a master unlock code - even though I did say I had raised a post in this community under my name - psb01 so he could have looked here to see more info if required.


So I'm guessing that the request on my phone for a  MCK  means a master unlock code?

Let's hope that's what the unlock team will get from Samsung.




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