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Unlocking a Nokia 100

2: Seeker


I'm a long term Vodafone customer, but a low volume user. Due to lockdown I haven't used my pay as you go phone for a long time. I received a warning that I'd need to to use my phone or the account would be cancelled, and thought I had done, but apparently not because without further warning the account was cancelled. I managed to get the account reinstated, with the same number, but I've been moved to a different tariff which could be very expensive, and I've lost the credit I had. The chat box seems to have disappeared, replaced with a bot.

Because of these things I now want to SIM unlock my phone. The form was easy, and the NUC code came through very quickly, but doesn't work. The Vodafone page just says 'put the code in', but I've found on other websites that I should use # P W + CODE + 1 # ( CODE being the unlocking code)

I've tried this both with no SIM and with a non-Vodafone SIM, and just get a 'Forbidden' response from the phone. I don't want to try again because it seems that there are a limited number of unlock attempts for this model of phone.  Can you advise?  

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17: Community Champion

Is your alternative network sim card activated @artyb5 

i.e it connects to mobile data etc.

And yes with some Nokia phone's there is the necessity of inputting pw codes.

You may have seen this thread Unlocking-a-Nokia-100 and.Nokia-6300-Unlock. 

It's also right that if too many unsuccessful attempts to unlock the phone are attempted this can lead to the phone hard locking meaning it'll then need sending away to be reset.

Some people decide to use a reputable online unlocking site but what would come with a fee from the site. I'm not saying you should go down this route , only that it's an option.

Unfortunately if a Payg account is closed then Credit that was sitting on the account is lost.

However in regards to the tariff if your still on Payg then you can choose a Big Value Bundle or Payg1.

If you look on Vodafone's support pages it'll show you how to opt in and out of them.

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 3.1  / Android 11.

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2: Seeker

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I tried an M2M SIM card; it might be better to try a single network 'normal' SIM, but I've tried with and without a SIM-that other thread and other instructions I found say to input the code without a SIM in the phone. I've used up 2 unlock attempts trying with and without a SIM.

This phone doesn't do mobile data; it's a simple phone with weeks of battery life for occasional texts and calls when in the outdoors. Big Value Bundles expire and cost much more than I was spending on this phone for occasional use. Payg1 is what I've been put on, it costs £1/day for any use, so10x the price for my occasional text. Vodafone don't seem to cater for light users any more, which is a shame as rural coverage is often good. I had expected a final warning before being cut off, and to be able to keep my original tariff.

The Unlocking-a-Nokia-100 thread is unresolved, with the phone not unlocked after months but I had read that before posting. The other thread relates to a different phone, but covers what I've tried-incidentally saying to do the unlock without a SIM.


What I'm really after is clear instructions as to how to use the code supplied (or a Master code as mentioned in the other thread) so that I don't end up with the phone being locked.


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Hey there @artyb5 - Thank you for trying everything you have so far. I understand how important it is to have a usable device at a time like this.

If you contact us via our social media channels, we can double check the NUC code you are using and if needed, we can request a mastercode from Nokia. When contacting us, make sure to include the following in your message:

- A link back to this forum thread

- Your mobile/account number

- Make and model of device

- IMEI number

- NUC code you have received

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2: Seeker

Thanks Evie, I'm not on social media, any other ways to get in touch?

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Hi @artyb5 👋 If you don`t have social media in the link provided above by Evie there is also a link to our Live chat service, who will be able to help as well 😊

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