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Another case of Vodafone refusing to blacklist my stolen iphone

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Ok, here's another omne to add to this debacle. Had my phone stolen on Saturday night. Went through the process of reporting it stolen on the online portal, put all the details in, phone number, IMEI number etc.


Requested proof of blacklisting for insurance only to be told it's not blacklisted.

Ok, so phone up vodafone, get someone in the overseas call centre to do this for me, even though i purchased from apple store (which she didn't see was a problem) which she said she did.

Get another email saying i still can't have proof because it still  hasn't been blacklisted.

Phone up the call centre again, firstly to be told that they can't do it and i have to get apple to to do it (which we all know is complete BS), so i insisted that she did it because only network carriers can. She caved in eventually and said she would. THEN i was told that my IMEI number was not associated with my phone number!! And i should go to Apple to get in blacklisted!

Why is this so hard to do with vodafone? Why are the victims of these crimes the only ones who seem to get punished??

I have the phone still associated with my apple ID with serial number, IMEI number etc. Can anyone confirm that this is the email for the blacklisting team : and is there actually any point in getting in touch with them?




17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Follow the information on this thread @chimpleton 

Refusing to blacklist IMEI number - Community home (

and contact the Social Team, they will get this investigated and make sure the phone is IMEI blocked.

Thanks Ann, do i contact via facebook messenger or post on the Vodafone facebook page?

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Messenger @chimpleton 


I am sure you go to getting started > message an advisor.  The message will go straight through to the same Team here on the forum, the Team are also part of Customer Relations and will soon get this sorted for you.

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3: Seeker

Vodafone are a mess with this - I've had my phone stolen twice in a year - first time it took Vodafone 2 months to ACTUALLY blacklist it and provide me proof of blacklisting. It is not the responsibility of the retailer to blacklist. It is the Network responsibility. I am not sure why Vodafone don't know this and continue to argue against it. 

Just to follow up on this, and for anyone else in a similar position. The advice above worked perfectly. A combination of making a complaint and the social media team got the phone blacklisted within hours. My advice is don't even waste your time calling the customer service centre.