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Does Apple Watch now work reliably on Vodafone?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I’m about to buy an Apple Watch 9. I’m debating between the regular GPS one and a cellular one. The only thing putting me off the latter is the slew of posts on here about issues connecting it to OneNumber, etc. Have these now been resolved or is this an ongoing issue?

I’ve had one on EE before and it was painless but things look a bit more complicated on Vodafone. 


2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I had an Apple Watch Ultra 2 from Vodafone delivered last week. It still won’t connect to Vodafone despite daily contact and promises that it will work in the next 24 hours. I would get the non cellular version or go to a different company. 

Hi @lukekjones Sorry to hear you're facing some trouble with obtaining a cellular connection on your new Apple Watch service. We'd love to take a closer look into this with you. Please message us via the information found here and we'll help. 

Hi Lucy, thanks for reaching out. I am already dealing with it via Facebook but it is taking an inordinately long time. I have been told to unpair and pair my phone numerous times, turn it off and on, wait 24 hours while my one number is updated but nothing seems to work. 

Looking at the forums it seems I am not alone. Is there a better way of getting the issue sorted or is it best to wait several hours between messages on Facebook?  I am not in a position to drive to my nearest shop, it’s 25 miles away!!