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Poor and inconsistent signal

2: Seeker

Since I’ve moved house, I don’t have signal or sometimes very poor which I cannot use as it doesn’t connect , evev WiFi calling doesn’t work, There’s just 50% signal outside my house where as the signal checker shows full coverage, Spoke to customer care n they gave me a Reference ID is : SBL-
1000000555812348 but now it’s more than a month and nothing happened whereas they are telling me to pay more than 400£ to change Service as they say it’s not their fault. If I use lycamobile I get full range in my room.

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Hey @Antonio_74 👋 Please drop our Social Media team a message here with your account information. They will be able to check for an update for you and they can help you with the next steps if it has been found that we aren't able to improve the network quality in your area 🙂

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