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My pay as you go sim has been disconnected

Hi All,I’m really saddened that I have a number which I had more than 16 years which has been disconnected.I wanted to know if the is anyway I can retrieve my number back. My number has sentimental value to me. The account is still registered to me a...

Site in accessible

Good day,My client, cambridgedriving.academy is currently receiving a lot of complaints from their clients that they cannot access the website when on the Vodafone network. An SSL certificate error is shown when trying to access the site.Please could...

CareNet by 2: Seeker
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Full fibre 900 upload speed capped at 20mb

Long story short move to a new place 2 years ago and had Vodafone fibre (open reach) 100/20 installed. This week decided to get upgraded to the 900/100. After some days the download speed went up close to around 800Mbps (4ms) but upload speed remains...

Xkr900 by 2: Seeker
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WiFi Channels, how do i change them?

I have a vodafone thg3000. How and where can you change wifi channel on the above router? Logged into my router I go to WiFi tab at the top of the page, then select "WiFi Settings". Only choices I see 2.4 Ghz, wifi mode, mixed 802.11b/g/nBandwidth 20...

Setup steps VF VOIP

Hi,I just had VF FTTP setup yesterday and i want to run my own router and wanted to clarify the steps and hopefully wanted a guru on here to confirm i'm on the right lines. Request a static IP addressObtain VOIP details from customer serviceConfigure...

mom by 2: Seeker
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Ultrahub Issues

Hi,I recently upgrade to Pro II for the Ultrahub and the added secure.net app for child device control.The wan connection is stable as it always was but something seems very off with the hub.It has been a never ending collection of errors. - Logging ...

simondup by 2: Seeker
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hey all is there some magical invisible page on the new router that allows me to change the 2.4/5ghz channels ? the auto channel function just isnt working. and before anyone says look here and there and posts a link to the app. i have tried the app ...


Giga Cube strict NAT TYPE. I am not sure why no body told us about this major technical issue for people that use Giga Cube strictly for online gaming. I feel betrayed as no one from Vodafone told me that it would be impossible to change the NAT type...

Njmh94 by 2: Seeker
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I live in a rural area and mobile phone coverage is poor and since Vodafone turned off 3G and can use my iPhone 13 on Wi Fi calling but that is about it!I can’t use my data allowance at all and most of the time my phone displays E which is the slowes...

Freedom1 by 2: Seeker
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