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Note 20 5g - cant connect to data

2: Seeker

Had an issue with my handset which is really annoying. I can't pinpoint the issue. 


The phone has been fine for months but now struggles to register to the VF network but only in certain locations (which previously were fine - IE my home). Tried sim swap. No joy but sim works fine in another phone. 


Is it likely to be a handset issue even though it will connect in certain places? Seems very odd. Anyone had any experience with this type of thing?


I've gone through all the usual steps in terms of network reset and apn settings etc. 

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17: Community Champion

Hello @Wirefan1982a 


When the Samsung Note 20 5G was released by Samsung in the UK I purchased one on launch day and after a short period of time I found mine dropped signal intermittently and after troubleshooting this as you have, and looking on the eu Samsung Community Forum I found that others were experiencing similar problems too.

I personally took the decision to send the phone back to Samsung for a refund and then imported the same model from Hong Kong which is a Snapdragon version and have found this to be a better model.

On balance if this was a widespread issue I would have expected to come across more cross forum chatter on this, so it could be affected a certain batch, maybe.

If your phone is unlocked to all Network's which most supplied by Vodafone are now then can you try another Network's sim card in it. You could be in a fringe area which the Vodafone status-checker can show you or your masts are at issue.

The following link has tips in it and a template that a person can use to see if this is a signal issue.


Other factors that can affect signal are weather conditions,  house materials,  foliage from trees and growing trees , new houses and population growth.

A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can take a look at your phone for you.

Samsung service-centre. 

Samsung also offer a doorstep repair. 

Personally my preference is to let the manufacturer take a look at the phone before a Network's Repair House as the manufacturer knows their hardware and software better.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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Samsung Z Fold³ 5G.

Previous Phone >

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860.

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