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Broadband Activation - No response yet

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi Team,


I have a web order placed back WEB-0001000024261391, which was supposed to have an engineer visit today between 8 and 1:30 and have service activated, which didn’t happen and there was no communication sent out of engineer delay or rescheduling for later date, would the service be activated soon. Please feel to contact me in my registered mobile number mentioned in order details for WEB-0001000024261391


Community Manager
Community Manager

@amalrajkerala95 - I'm sorry to hear an Engineer didn't arrive. I hope that you've now had some communication from us about this, since your post here. If you haven't, then for security reasons, please contact my team through Social Media. We can then find out what's happening. 

Sorry to say this I have made up my mind to cancel my service as no communication isnt sent out and no commitment on fixing the issue and I have spent more than 4-5hrs over chat with multiple people , you can check my chat history associated with account. And still not even an email or sms was received

Unfortunately, nobody can check your chat history, as the forum is completely separate to your Vodafone account.

However, I think you have made the right decision.

Do let us know how you get on with whoever you decided to use instead. There seem to be so many people having problems getting connected, and I wonder if it is related to Openreach or Vodafone. (assuming you are getting FTTC not FTTP)

I'm also on the Now forum and they seem to be having the same difficulties.

4: Newbie

Don't forget to claim your compo this is only way to hit these people and if they continue to keep doing this they will go out of business or have to sort act out if every one does it.