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Forgive me Vodafone, but you're wrong - AGAIN!

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Just had an intriguing text from Vodafone. It reads:

Hello. At Vodafone our engineers actively monitor the performance of your broadband service. We have identified conditions on your line that may be impacting the experience you are receiving. If you would like to report a problem with your broadband, you can do this through our new online support tool. This can be accessed by clicking on the following link

 Now, forgive me "engineers", but my 200 Mbit service via Openreach is probably as good as it's going to get (208/28 with 6ms Latency). Is it because I'm using IPv6 and it's working great, and they want to know what magic I'm performing? Or maybe they can't connect to my phone, but with that terrible digital voice service it's not worth even connecting it any more.

If I respond to this text they'll either lose me my great connection, or offer to sell me a booster or an upgrade. No thanks to either.

Just what is happening at Vodafone? They want to fix my perfect service and contact me about a non-existing problem, whilst members are struggling to get their attention at all. It's just laughable.

The text is from vodafone's legit number, and the link is legit too.

Have I been asleep too long? Is it 1st April? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Ripshod, apologies if you've received this in error. If you're experiencing no issues at this time, please ignore the message.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Ripshod, apologies if you've received this in error. If you're experiencing no issues at this time, please ignore the message.

4: Newbie

Hey mate - 

I saw based on your other posts that you're based in Leeds and have been routed via Edinburgh? Any idea what fixed this issue? I'm still in my cooling off period - so might leave if I keep getting geotracked as being in Scotland...

Pings are also pretty bad for FTTP - around 18ms

I've got no idea if anything I've said or done has had any effect on my service.

It may be coincidence, but both my excursions to the Edinburgh gateway have lasted roughly 3 months each. It really is a lottery. 

What a joke... I assume resetting the router multiple times didn't help either, right?

There is absolutely, categorically, nothing an end-user can do to affect the routing. Maybe going through life like an angel will get the big fella upstairs to intervene? 

so weird... one guy on Reddit claims that they fixed it for him... I'm in touch with someone on 2nd line customer service... but according to that guy they have no real way of communicating directly to the backhaul team...

I mean it's a great deal (£31/month + Cityfibre sign up bonus of £200) - but not sure if that's worth being located in Scotland and having bad pings all the time...

Might stop the cancellation process for my BT line and will keep that on a rolling contract until Zen is available via CF here...

Did your gateway ever fix itself? I had the same issue but the other way around (routed london, in edinburgh) ping went from 1ms (🤣) to 16.. tried many a time on chat, restarts etc when it finally fixed itself a month or so after


Although my lowest ping is 4ms to the same server now it hasn’t changed back since 

Nope... I had a few dedicated (and some not so dedicated) 2nd tier overseas support workers trying to help - but I believe they are very restricted in what they can do. So I had enough of VF and cancelled within the cooling off period (also to sort out the final bill and returning the router was a pain).

Wow.. yeah same here, nobody could actually do anything and most of the time they were confused and thought I was on about something else usually the gateway for the router🤣 but the occasional time I got someone who understood they said it’s cityfibre that deals with the POPs while cityfibre claim the opposite that it’s in fact VFs problem regarding their BNG


it was noticeable loading stuff and online games especially but since going back to closest gateway it’s stayed the same


what did you end up going for after VF