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Broadband connection

High latency on wired connection

2: Seeker

Good afternoon all,


I'm using a TP-Link AC1600. This is connected to my master socket and my PC is connected to that via ethernet cable, the speed is absolutely fine but the ping is a real issue.


Here is my speedtest:


Here are some of the ping tests that I'm running:


I've been on with Vodafone live chat who recommended plugging my router into the Test Socket. My Master Socket is pre-filtered so I bought a new microfilter and connected it to the Test Socket but still the problem persists. Vodafone are sending me a new router to rule that out being the issue.


Anybody have any other ideas?


The problem is the same on wireless so it's not the ethernet cable.

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16: Advanced member

Ever the sceptic I had a little go at this myself.


It would seem to me that netmeter gives lower throughput and higher latency figures than or thinkbroadband.  I guess there is also a question of expectation, what sort of latency are you expecting?  Speedtest results to local servers are almost always faster on BT, but when you get into the real world of browsing or gaming, that advantage evaporates.

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2: Seeker

Morning Keith,


Thanks for your reply.


I set up a Think Broadband Quality Monitor yesterday so I'll share that with you so you can see what's going on:

Think Broadband Monitor 


The issue is mainly affecting online gaming. For instance yesterday my friends (all local to me  within 10 miles) had pings of roughly 30-40 and mine started at that but towards the middle of the game it hit 400. This made the remainder of the game completely unplayable.


I'm expecting anything under 50 to be what my ping should be. Obviously the further away the server the higher this is going to be but when mine is 10x higher than everybody else's I'm thinking there's an undiagnosed problem.

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2: Seeker

Sorry I realised the Broadband Quality Monitor stopped working when I reset my router as my IP changed:


This is the current one..

Think Broadband Quality Monitor 

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