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Broadband connection

LAN Speed locked to 100mb

2: Seeker

I've checked my gigabox's LAN speed and it says all the ports are at 100mb when our actual speed is around 400 - 450mb. I usually get around 400 - 450mb on wifi but the ethernet speed is locked to around 90 - 100mb. I am using a cat 6 cable and the ethernet port on my computer is capable of reaching 1gb.LAN.PNG

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Hey @Lucca Sorry to hear about your ethernet speeds. Our dedicated team would be happy to look into this for you. We'd recommend that you reach out to our Gigafast team by calling 08080 034 515 from any UK mobile or landline. It's also important to note that it could be that you've reached the maximum bandwidth with the four devices connected at the same time, each using 100 Mbps. 

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16: Advanced member

The pertinent question would be what do you have plugged into the LAN ports and what generation of cables are you using.  Some devices will only create a 100Mbit connection and connections to the router using a cat5 cable will usually only create a 100Mb connection even if the device is capable of more.


*For our admin who responded.  The indicated speed is the link speed on the port, not a data rate, and even if it were, the bandwidth is provided on demand and not split symmetrically between devices!

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