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Broadband connection

My Vodaphone broadband contract was cancelled without telling me

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have just switched broadband providers from Virgin to Vodaphone as my Virgin price was beginning to skyrocket.


I am now a month into my contract and everything switched over and when tidying up paperwork and logging in to check the details online I now see that my contract has been cancelled.


I cannot access any online chat bot help as the browser link doesn't work, downloaded the app and I can't use it as I have no active plans.


I currently still have broadband in the house and have checked that the direct debits have gone through correctly which they have done but I am now expecting my broadband to be cut off soon without my consent.



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Hi @Dia 👋

As your home broadband is still working, it sounds more like it's an issue with your online and/or billing account rather than the physical network service. 

So I can double check it please pop my team a message on social media, if you include your community username and a link to your post, you won't need to repeat yourself 🙂 


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16: Advanced member

Have you possibly got 2 plans and you are looking at the wrong one?

This chat link should work:


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