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Day two of Vodafone Broadband service.

Day two of lack of service. Vodafone (U.K.) missed the activation date and promised it the next day. They now say maybe tomorrow. It did take two hours on the chat to find that out  though. And now they are saying maybe by the 20th..... Wo...

Port forwarding

Hi,I'm trying to port-forward for statically assigned device.The device has both wifi and ethernet connection and I would like forward same port number when device is connected through either wifi or ethernet.I was able to configure port forwarding w...

kannaiah by 2: Seeker
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LOS Flashing Red

Hello.My broadband has stopped working and I think I’ve tried everything. Unplug, reboot, reset … I believe it’s because the LOS light is flashing red on my ONT. Can someone from tech support reach out and/or fix it remotely?

Connect TP-Link AC2100

Trying to connect to Vodafone broadband, have username and password but still does not work. I have followed quick set up but nothing. I am not very good with tech, can anyone help? I did call Vodafone but they couldn't help

jbecks by 2: Seeker
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Upgrading to fttp Worst mistake ever

Just recently moved house and within a few weeks the road was being dug up by city fibre in the center of Bournemouth. A few months later I received a letter saying I can upgrade to fttp. The worse mistake I've ever made!The engineer came out to fit ...

Router no IP address

received a new router yesterday due to old one being faulty(it wasnt i was receiving internet with it) now i have no internet at all i can connect but no internet connection. This has been raised to tech team but no answers from them at all. When i l...