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Cannot make phone calls from landline

4: Newbie

Hello there,


I'm posting here because Vodafone customer service uses nothing but bots and scripts. Seems that the only way you can speak to someone is by asking to cancel.


Anyway, I am unable to make phone calls. I keep getting an error telling me that the number is not recognized.


12: Established
12: Established


It has a dial tone?

AND the test function works?

Dial 17070 and then select.... 1, 2. 3 or 4.



Yes, there is a dial tone.



numbers like 1471, 17070, 111 etc could be tried and any success or otherwise posted.



1471 works


I have contacted Vodafone via Facebook but they take a week to reply

Vodafone is completely inept. They call my landline asking to speak to someone who doesn't live here, so I told them they got the wrong number. Then they message me on facebook telling me that they called but was advised that they had the wrong number, so they won't help me. This is absolutely unbelievable. The humans are just as bad as the bots. I'm stuck without a landline.

Hi @User110920, have you tried the Quiet Line Test as recommend by @clint_flick?

Just dial 17070 from the handset and select option 2 from the menu (Quiet Line Test). If your handset has a mute option, please put the phone on mute. 

Can you let us know the results of this call please? 🙂

1471 works

111 works

17070 does not work


Still unable to make phone calls

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@User110920  Our social media team will be in touch with you as soon as they can - we're a little busier than normal on there at the moment. There's not a great deal we can do here as we would need to check your account for any bars or restrictions that may be on there. 

Well, it's almost been a month without a phone line and the last time I spoke to the social media team, they blocked me.