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Landline phone with own router on FTTP

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Just got FTTP and everything is working fine off the VF router. Phone lines are plugged into the VF router, VF router's WiFi is switched off. 3rd party Mesh has been switched to Bridge mode and plugged into the VF's ethernet port.

However I am shocked at how feature poor the VF router is. e.g. There are no Parental controls at all. I know I can get rid of the VF router and plug my own Mesh router into the Openreach ONT, but what about the Landline. 

Are there any 3rd party routers in the market that have a telephone socket at the back to allow the home phone to be plugged in? 

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Finally registered. I tried for a 3rd time with vodafone chat and explained the issue with the SIP details provided and asked them to carefully check each value before sending them to me again. Low and behold they were missing a character of the password and they were indeed giving me the wrong username :Sad_face:

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@yorkshire79 it's not the first time and will not be the last time that they get the credentials wrong.

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2: Seeker

Most ISPs voip service runs from a phone port on the back of their router which you can plug your existing phone into. Older Openreach ONTs have a phone port but it's not used for new services, only some legacy customers.

You could port your number to a separate voip provider or you could use the service provider router in bridge mode then connect your own router.


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16: Advanced member

It's a bit late for that now. End of contract for porting numbers away, as with vodafone (and many others) porting the number away cancels the broadband contract and incurrs an early termination fee. 

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3: Seeker

Out of interest, has anyone got this working with UniFi gateway?

my opnSense box needs replacement and i already use UniFi AP’s so have the controller etc already.

I know the UniFi gateways are a bit dumbed down, but never used one to know if they have sufficient config options available to make this work…

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16: Advanced member

If the "gateway" is a voip device then no. If it's just a router/NAT then there's no reason why one of the listed grandstream or cisco devices wouldn't work. 

The UniFi gateway is a router/NAT, but I’m unsure if it has the capability exposed to the user to implement this…

I’m using an Eero Pro 6 instead of the Vodafone router. The eero is very limited in terms of networking config but it works fine with my Grandstream HT812. No port forwarding or special config required. I opted for a static IP to simplify the setup.

Thanks, thats great feedback.

I’ve already got a static IP with my opnSense setup, so hopefully I’ll be able to migrate easily :Smiling:


Only just getting around to this again…
Just to confirm your setup, looking at your posts, you have ports open on the gateway that direct 5065 & 10000 to your HT812, and the HT812 is setup as per the standard config in this thread, and it just works?

Only asking as I’m just looking at my working opnSense setup to work out if i can migrate to the UniFi gateway and can definitely see a static NAT outbound rule that stops my HT812 registering if its removed.

I also have a static IP.

My setup has been in place for 18 months, so wondering if I’ve got something overly complex that over time has been simplified…