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Problems with Digital Voice calling iPhones

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3: Seeker

Is anyone else experiencing a problem when calling a mobile - specifically in my case iPhones - using the Digital Voice landline?

I have just moved over to Vodafone Broadband with Landline and whilst the broadband setup is fine, whenever I have tried calling my own and my wife’s mobile form the DV landline, the connection fails.

Sometimes the iPhone doesn't ring, sometimes it does bit cuts off when the the green answer call button is pressed. At the landline end, you hear the call ringing, but when the iPhone attempts to answer, the sound changes to a sort of repetitive ‘honking’ tone and that's it, until the landline cancels the call.

I've tried it with several different landline phones, tethered and cordless - the result is the same. The call iPhone -> DV land line seems fine.

Any clues? 


Thanks, I'll give that a go! 👍

I've just had live chat via the link you gave me. The issue is not resolved, unfortunately. It appears to just be EE mobiles that I can't connect to, but the helpful representative has escalated it and I now await a call from the 2nd Line Home Broadband Team.

So thanks for your help so far. At least progress has been made and Vodafone are aware of the issue. 👍

Did your problem get resolved? I am experiencing almost the exact same thing.

I have the same issue but my iphone is on the o2 network, so clearly Vodafone have an issue with multiple networks.  When I call my o2 mobile from my Vodafone Digital Voice landline, the connection drops and I get the engaged tone and a missed call on my iphone.  If I call my Landline from my o2 iphone, it receives o2 mobile calls fine, I just can't call o2 mobiles.

I am also on O2 mobile and up until 2 days ago I didn't have a problem but now my digital landline cannot call my mobile - I just hear 'unobtainable' tone and mobile doesn't ring but registers missed call.  It calls  mobiles on other networks and I can also ring the landline FROM my mobile. Can't understand why it's just happened suddenly?

Welcome to the club. Sorry to hear that you are affected too.

Have you tried the temporary solution? Turn off WiFi calling and VoLTE?

I have given up and just get my wife to call me on her mobile from home.

Temporary solution until my contract expires…

Yes. Have just done that and it works! Just a temp solution I know and not being tech minded I m worried that changing the settings will affect something I haven't anticipated. I will feedback to O2/Vodafone when they get back in touch

The only problem with turning off WiFi calling is if you live in a poor mobile reception area (as I do) and so would have to keep turning it on & off whenever leaving/entering the house. I used to have to lean out of the upstairs window or go outside to answer my mobile. As I replied, I now leave it on and use our free EE to EE call time from home.

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16: Advanced member

@Gytrash wrote:

I have been sold a technology that doesn't work as well as the one it's supposed to be replacing

Nothing is wrong with the technology. I've been using VoIP for my home and business needs since 2004. This is a "Vodafone" routing issue.

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3: Seeker

My 91 year old father has a vodaphone landline  since early this year however since Mid November whenever he calls an EE number such as mine it will ring my end and then go dead and then ring again but I am unable to connect. Luckily I am able to call his landline from my phone, however me not being able to pick up his calls is unacceptable especially as at his age there could be an emergency. My first port of call was EE however they informed me that it was a Vodaphone issue that needs to be sorted out their end. Now although my Dads faculties are sharp, like many elderly people he really does not understand technology and his hearing is not so good so I am unable to deal with Vodaphone on his behalf unless I am actually at his house. He lives 100 miles away from me. I first raised the issue when I was there for a couple of days at the end of November. Was on the phone for over an hour being asked lots of questions. I asked them to contact me with any updates which I found out later the did not. Cut a long story short nothing got sorted out. I am now staying with him over the Christmas period. I got in touch with them again a few days before Christmas got asked the usual questions and asked to give 3 different examples of calls to EE numbers which I provided. I was given a ticket number and was told I would be called back however due to not knowing when I would be called back I missed the calls...remember this is the Christmas period when I should be relaxing and with lots of family activities to deal with, I cant be  staring at my phone all day hoping for a call from Vodaphone...anyway I would call back and would have to go through the same performance again of explaining what the problem is providing examples etc etc. It seems that each person who answered had no clue as to what my problem was. Record keeping seems to be very sketchy. I called again today although I have a feeling that it's going to be the same old merry go round.