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Problems with Digital Voice calling iPhones

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Is anyone else experiencing a problem when calling a mobile - specifically in my case iPhones - using the Digital Voice landline?

I have just moved over to Vodafone Broadband with Landline and whilst the broadband setup is fine, whenever I have tried calling my own and my wife’s mobile form the DV landline, the connection fails.

Sometimes the iPhone doesn't ring, sometimes it does bit cuts off when the the green answer call button is pressed. At the landline end, you hear the call ringing, but when the iPhone attempts to answer, the sound changes to a sort of repetitive ‘honking’ tone and that's it, until the landline cancels the call.

I've tried it with several different landline phones, tethered and cordless - the result is the same. The call iPhone -> DV land line seems fine.

Any clues? 


I'm also having this problem - ours is a business package, we switched from Plusnet Business to Vodafone last Tuesday. I have since found that our business landline cannot call my own mobile, or my father's mobile. The common theme is that both numbers were originally EE (well, one2one back in the day!) and have been ported - his onto O2, mine onto Tesco Mobile (which uses O2's network). I have reported this to support but they are refusing to acknowledge there is a problem unless I can provide a THIRD example of a number which isn't working. As it's a very specific combination of things that is causing this issue I can't find a third phone which isnt working. Obviously this could be a problem down the line as someone could leave our business a voicemail and I could be unable to call them back! Would anyone who is having the EE / O2 issue be willing to provide another non-working phone number to me (via PM) so I can escalete this issue with Vodafone? Thanks.

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16: Advanced member

@mark_t  Have a look on the forum for VoLTE as this has come up in discussions about calling other network providers.

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Lots of problems, but no solutions!

Has anyone got an answer to why a call from my DV landline is disconnected when I swipe “Accept” on my EE mobile?

I am getting nowhere with customer support and tired of hearing “everything should be ok”

it isn’t. Look…

Have you tried switching off WiFi calling and VoLTE as per my previous post and then try calling your mobile again from your DV landline?



Thank you for your efforts.

Yes, tried turning off Wi-fi calling without any success. (I live in a poor reception area and this would mean turning it off/on every time I left the house)

Dont know about VoLTE. Is there a an iPhone setting or Router?

I would accept it was my old iPhone - except I can call home ok.

Also tried Network Reset.

There has been no change in either landline or mobile numbers since/before/during FTTP installation

VoLTE is a setting on the phone (similar to WiFi calling). I have an old iPhone SE (running iOS17) and the settings there are as follows:-

Settings>Mobile Service> Mobile Data Options>Voice&Data4G>VoLTE 

and there should be a switch there to give you the option to turn it off.

Note that you have to have BOTH VoLTE and Wifi Calling switched off on the phone. And yes it is a PITA and you have to remember to switch off Wifi calling when you leave the house whilst using this workaround, less than ideal  obviously but until Voda fix this.....

I have a fault ticket with 2nd line support at the moment and waiting to hear back.



You beat me to it! I found instructions and have just turned it off.

I will get my wife to call and get back…

Thank you very much. I have exactly the same issue with my elderly father calling my mobile. I’m on O2. I contacted Vodafone first. They did a lot of checks and updates and I still have the problem so I rebooted my iPhone which didn’t work. I did a full factory reset on my iPhone which didn’t work. I called O2. They did some checks and said everything was okay but suggested I get a new Sim. So I went into store. Got a new Sim still had the same problem! I’ve just altered my settings as your suggestions and fingers crossed it seems to work. I’m not very happy with Vodafone at all. I really appreciate you taking the time to offer advice.

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Thanks lcsneil, that did the trick!

Switching off Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE has “solved” the problem!

Thank you!!

Hopefully this Vodafone software bug can be sorted ASAP.

Please keep us updated so we can turn our WiFi calls on permanently.


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Not sure if this is a fluke or one off, but I today tried calling my mobile from DT landline and the call stayed on.

Both phones were on the same WiFi network and I have WiFi calling on.  My wifes phone also now receives calls from our FTTP landline.

Hopefully Vodafone have fixed this issue. [/fingers crossed]