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Transferring BT Phone NUmber to Vodafone Gigafast (via Openreach)

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I've just started the ball rolling on transferring my BT broadband and landline over to Vodafone. I'm signing up for the Gigafast 500 service. I live in Liverpool and apparently that means it's FTTP via Openreach.

I want to keep my BT phone number and wanted to ask if there's anything I should do to ensure that happens and I don't fall into any traps like I've heard people swapping from Virgin Media do.

I could just leave VF to it, but they've not been too hot so far with my order. It's taken three attempts, several phone calls and people have been warning me their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. :Sad_face:

My BT contract expires on the 4th October and my VF installation date is the 20th Oct. It was the 8th until a couple of days ago and I have already received messages from BT acknowledging my request to end our relationship based on that date of the 8th. I'm now concerned that I'll lose my services, my phone number on that date and be in a world of hurt until it's sorted or the 20th, whichever comes first.

The VF agent suggested I call BT now and give my 30 days notice so I minimise the period I'm still paying and that I'll have an overlap of 5 or so days, which is good, in which I can cancel the exchange and still remain with BT, e.g. the installers find they can't install.