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Voip land-line number not valid

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I transferred from PlusNet to Vodafone (Full Fibre) on 13/10/23, going to voip for my land-line (previously through the copper BT line), selecting to keep my telephone number of 30 years (the only number which my Podiatry patients have for me). 

I was not warned that there would be any interruption of phone service.  I can make outgoing calls (which Vodafone recognise as happening because they appear on my bill), but I can still not receive any incoming calls, and it is now the 29th October.

I have repeatedly told to just wait, and although PlusNet assure me that my old 'account is inactive' ( the words used were 'it's dead').

I have just received an email from Vodafone saying that  'Your landline number is still not released which is causing delay in porting', and that 'they are monitoring the situation'

Vodafone Accounts Department informed me  that they have to pay me a statutory sum per day if the service is not fully functioning, (which apparently they can just stop paying after 30 days), but the email which I have just received states 'regarding compensation, we do not charge you for landline and its a free service, hence you are not eligible for any auto compensation'., the implication being that provision of a land-line is not contractually part of the service I am paying for.

They won't tell what could be going wrong; if they are actually doing anything about it; how long I am expected to wait, or if I can be left to wait for an indefinite length of time without and recourse.

My patients, and my livelihood are being adversely effected.

Is there anything that i can do, and do I have any rights, and if so, how long before I can exercise them, and how?

Thanks for any advice.



Hi @GillianLockie Thanks dropping us a message, I understand why this number is important so we'd love to help! Please pop my team a message over on our social channels so we can take a closer look. 

Hi, thank you for replying.  I have already done as you suggested and sent the same message via the Vodafone UK Facebook page.  I received the following message, which doesn't leave me any the wiser, or any further on.

I have spent stupid amounts of time on multiple web-chats, and on the phone.  No one seems to know what is wrong, or what to do about it, and I am just expected to wait for an indefinite amount of time.  All I am told is that Vodafone is 'monitoring' the situation.  I had to spend half a day phoning every patient on my books to give them my mobile number today, (when the last thing that I need is my mobile ringing when I am working).  Every new patient who tries to phone the number on my business cards will throw the card away and go elsewhere, as no one tries an unobtainable number twice. Goodness knows how much income I am loosing through this.  Vodafone's advertising description claims a seamless and uninterrupted transfer of service.  I do think that it is extremely remis to not advise that there could be any period without connection, (even for the four days when I was transferred from copper to voip without having been provided with the adaptor to make that possible).
Vodafone's left hand doesn't seem to know what the right hand is doing, but they are very good at passing the buck, I feel like a Frisbee.  I find that there are a depressing number of Vodafone customers all searching for resolution of the same problem, and even more depressingly, I have not read of a single one who has found a solution or had the problem solved.
Gillian Lockie
Sun 09:34

Vodafone UK

Good morning Gillian, I hope you're having a nice weekend. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to reach out to us with your current experience and we appreciate this experience has caused frustration. I would recommend discussing any concerns and questions with our dedicated Home Broadband team, either by calling 03333 040 191 or via LiveChat: - they are available 7 days a week, between 8am to 10pm. As we have limited access to via our social media platforms and we would want to get your issue resolved as soon as possible and the dedicated team mentioned above will help with that. Richie


2: Seeker
2: Seeker

P.S. Your  social channels link in your reply to me, just takes me to another page on the Forum??? More 'pass the buck' frisbee action!


Apologies for the confusion @GillianLockie. If you follow the links in the message @Janey directed you to, you'll be transferred to us via your preferred social Media platform. The post also provides information on details we may ask you for to allow us to assist you as soon as possible. I'm sorry if this was made apparent in our previous message.


Hi Mark, I am confused and none the wiser. JaneyR's link  takes me to, which tells me to go to Facebook, which I have already done, and they replied and told me to go to the dratted Tobi chat wormhole of sleep deprivation and dread, (I've been in tears for b... hours  with them, and had a number of poor little bods at the other end pretty near the same).  It's like a nightmare game of blind-man's-buff, with the torture ramped up by being expected to master half a dozen  new technology disciplines, before I am allowed to even catch a glance of the rear view of someone who might perhaps consider my problem.  Perhaps it's me who should be knitting the ruddy fibre optic cable? 

Notwithstanding the hours I have spent on the phone; the hours wasted in Tobi -land -  'typing badly in capital letters to show my upset' ; the increasingly distressed,/ desperate / 'angry of Southbourne' emails which I have sent to every Vodafone department which I can find and address for, why are you inferring that the persons who can sort this out are wondering about, (somewhere out of reach) in the FacebootTwitter hinterland which everyone with any sense avoids - WOULD THEY NOT BE BETTER DOING SOMETHING USEFUL IN THE OFFICE - LIKE MAKING MY LAND-LINE WORK???

Quite frankly there is absolutely nothing to be gained from talking to anyone anyway, Vodafone knows that the line does not work, they have all the information that they should have, and there is nothing that I can add.  I have the Ofcom compensationsfigures to hand (for the fight that is undoubtedly to come, I know of the eight week right to escalate to independent arbitration.  I do acknowledge that everyone who I have had contact with has spent time and been concerned and sympathetic, but no one seems to have any idea of what is going on or why, what anyone else is doing, (or apparently ever where they can actually be found), so with regard to whoever should be orchestrating the whole show, (and quite obviously is not), I will wish that 'all the fleas of the world will invade their jockey shorts'! 

Yours, deranged, dismayed, despondent, 'out of pocket' f(rom having let Vodafone trick me into signing myself hostage to them for a distressing length of time), and thoroughly p.... off at having had to spend 3/4 of a day phoning hundreds of patients to give them my mobile phone number, (so that they can all phone me at the most inconvenient times for the last ten years of my working life).

Me 'defeated', you 'bemused' - over and out (perhaps you could print this in the inter-department Christmas card!

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@GillianLockie have you tried resetting the router with the recessed button at the back (holding in for a full 10 seconds)? 

11: Established
11: Established

It's because Vodafone haven't set up the VOIP profile correctly in the router. The only way to sort this is to contact Vodafone and give them the serial number on the bottom of the router.

Did Vodafone send you an adapter? You need to plug this into Tel port 1 on the back of the router and then plug your phone into the adapter.

Once this is done get Vodafone to recreate the VOIP profile on the router, after this you will be able to make incoming and outgoing calls. Vodafone always fail to setup the VOIP profile correctly first time when they migrate people, because they did the same to a family member.

@VFbroadbanduser wrote:
Vodafone always fail to setup the VOIP profile correctly first time when they migrate people, because they did the same to a family member.

Because they did it to a family member, and have possibly also done it to @GillianLockie, I don't think that means they always do it.

@GillianLockie have you tried a factory reset as suggested by @Ripshod

11: Established
11: Established

@Jayach that's not the point I am making and Vodafone didn't just make that mistake with the migration to VOIP.

When a family member was migrated from a traditional phoneline to VOIP, they could only receive calls but couldn't make calls. After ringing Vodafone they recreated the VOIP profile, because I saw them do it because I was logged into the router GUI. Once this was done after giving them the serial number of the router everything worked.