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Mobile Broadband

Extremely Slow Vodafone Mifi BT294RJ

2: Seeker

I bought the Vodafone Mobile Wifi package for home.


I'm getting consistently extremely slow home mobile wifi speeds. it is pretty much unusable bar browsing web pages. I can not stream or anything like that.

- I live in a rural area, Vodafone told me my speed was estimated to be 0.3-20 Mbps.
- I've been running speed tests through out the day, It is at best 0.9 Mbps.
- I have contacted support, followed their steps of restarting etc.
- I need a decent speed for work, for conferences, downloading, uploading etc. 

I was told the issue would be passed on to the network team, who would 'look into it'. This sounds like they can not fix it and it could take months or years for them to improve it?

I'm considering cancelling the whole thing. Is there anything that can be done to boost the speed?

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Thanks for confirming your postcode @Saldez 👍 I've checked your local coverage using our Network Status Checker and I can see we only offer a limited 3g service and can only guarantee a 2and 4G service whilst outdoors. As there appears to be no issues, or faults in your area and the slow speeds you're receiving and the speeds you're experiencing being down to the coverage in your area, there wouldn't be anything our Network team would be able to do to improve this. If you have a land line service, we'd be able to help keep you connected by adding WiFi Calling to your services. This is a free of charge service and would help keep you connected to calls and messages whenever you have a WiFi connection.

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