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Gigacube 5G is very slow in the evening (cant even play 360p in youtube)

4: Newbie

I am using Gigacube for 5 months, it was fine until Dec 2022. Internet speed slowed down in every evening from 6pm - 11pm (youtube status showing ~200 - 500Kbps). I cant even play the video with 360p smoothly. However, when I do the speed test with Ookla, it showing the network speed is fine (~40 Mbps).

Is there any speed control on video streaming platform and how can I check for that? Thanks.


@monkeychew I am at southen part of London, yes seems a bit better today, but not 100% sure if will be fine.

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@Amanda Sorry Amanda which message are you referring to? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

My apologies - I meant the conversation we were having over on Twitter @monkeychew 🙂 

@Amanda can you help me with the similar problem

@Amanda even worst today with the new simScreenshot 2023-01-11 at 20.40.12.png


I have changed a new SIM, and the problem still exist, I am very confused what's wrong with my account. I have show the screen capture to the staff in vodafone store today to show the unacceptable youtube connection speed and he said I can ask to cancel my plan if network is bad in my place. I am seriously considering this option.

@CHJaY_2022 @The sad part is the connection is good but there’s obviously some interconnection issue with the YouTube servers.

@monkeychew  yes.. and I dont understand why my mobile with vodafone plan is fine. (can play youtube smoothly even i connect my laptop via hotspot)

@CHJaY_2022 I’m not able to use YouTube on my phone either. My phone and router numbers are linked to the same account though.

@CHJaY_2022  Bear in mind though on your phone YouTube will try to play at 360p resolution which will help it to play better. (I know that shouldn’t apply to the laptop but I’ve also noticed the browser player is more eager to lower the bitrate than the apps).


Community Manager
Community Manager

@monkeychew - Please see our last reply on Twitter for the next steps. 

@CHJaY_2022 - I've searched our social platform for your message and haven't been able to find one from the username on your profile. If you haven't yet contacted us through Social Media, please reach out to us there so we can help further.