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Mobile Broadband excessive data usage

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Anyone help with a problem of huge data use with Home Hub R218h mobile broadband.

Bought this in Jan 18  with 50 gig data and have been using between 10-25 gb per month. This month however lost mobile data 3 days before  rolover of data and when i contacted vodafone C.S told that we had used over our 50gb allowance. When i have checked the usage it shows huge chunks of data in 1000mb increments every 10-15 min over 3 hour period in one period and In 3 days there were 20gb of use all in 1000mb and 750mb chunks. Vodafone cant explain it and say we must be using it but we are not doing anything different than usual with just internet browsing and the odd movie stream from amazon. HELP!


2: Seeker
2: Seeker

New to Vodafone @home got first bill recently and some very strange data usage 

We have a family of 5.2 phones both of us out from 7to5 every day 2 10year olds  with kindle fire and baby.went on holiday from 23rd August  to 3 September and left no device at home. And bill is attached seems to be a sequence every 2 hours eventually using 150gb for a month. 

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Thanks for getting in touch @Larry2476. I can see from your bill, that the data usage shows as; are you in Ireland? If so, you'll need to contact Vodafone Ireland directly here

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

There are umpteen threads like this and I've now been subject to the mysterious symptom which eats data at a rate well above the norm. I've called Vodafone and not really interested, I've used the Tobi thing and, despite mentioning my recent call where I'd discussed the data entries on my recent bill, I had to go through the whole process again just to be told at the end that I need to speak to someone technical....which was what I wanted at the start!

has anyone got anywhere with this issue, getting a few free gig from vodafone isn't curing the issue.

has anyone moved their sim from the R219h to their phone and tested this?

thanks Chris

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Chriscoate, we'll certainly be happy to look into this for you. As well need access to your account to review your usage, please pop us a message via one of our social channels.

Mark, thanks for your message. I've given details of this issue by phone and by live chat in the last week. I'm assuming Vodafone has a joined up network that can merge information from these sources? I don't want to chat (or Twit etc) I just want someone to take on the issue beyond where we got to on the phone (not very far) or the chat (less far) in the light of the new evidence I provided, the fact that the forum is riddled with the same issue yet so far, I can't see a resolution.

I used to work in IT, I understand the process, I've had a help desk under my jurisdiction and I know when an isolated 'incident' becomes a 'problem' following multiple occurrences.

all my contact details are on the call and chat streams....please can someone technical contact me and we can move forward....and provide a solution for all the other folk out there with this same issue.

many THS ks.

Thanks for getting back to us @Chriscoate I'm afraid we aren't able to look for your information or access your account through this platform. I appreciate you've already had a frustrating journey trying to get this resolved so I am sorry to see this. My team really would love to help though, if change your mind, please do pop us a message on over on our social channels. We can then look at the existing chats and notes from the conversations you've already had. 

Janet, thanks for the message....on clicking the link and then 'Facebook' it takes me to my messenger app but who do I search for to send a message to...if I key vodafone there are a zillion entries🤷🏻‍♂️

Hi @Chriscoate 👋 After logging in if it doesn't link straight to the Vodafone chat, just close the page and reload and you should see the Vodafone chat. I have tested the link and if you're already logged in it will take you directly to the correct page 😊

Andy, im not loiking for a live cgat link, ive done all that, i expected the 'facebook' messenger link to tske me to a conversation with Vodafone via messenger?

@Chriscoate Sorry for any confusion, I am referring to Facebook messenger. I have tested the link given and this does link to our Facebook messenger chat, so I am unsure why you're not currently seeing this. Alternatively if you search for "Vodafone UK" you should be able to find us that way, there will also be a blue tick next to Vodafone UK to show that it is a verified account. If you still have any trouble please let us know.