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Mobile Broadband

Vodafone K5161 dongle

2: Seeker



I am using K5161 to download traffic data remotely.   The dongle is connected to Raspberry Pi 3 and the counting device is connected to pi using a USB connection.

I am using Hamachi as my VPN.


The issues I have as follows:


1-  how do I change relayed tunnel to direct tunnel in Hamachi?  Please note that I don’t have this issue with Three sim with Huawei dongle,  I believe K5161 is also Huawei model


2- using Vodafone K5161 and Vodafone sim, my download rate (bps) was around 1800 - 2000.  This has changed since Tuesday last week to 300 to 400  bps.  Vodafone can’t find a reason for this drop.


3 -  this can’t be a glitch in a particular area as I have several places in England with the same issue.


4 -  FYI,  Three network/third party modem (3 dongle,  15 years old), I am getting 1100 to 1200 bps.


I am hoping someone will know exactly where the problem is,  otherwise I have to go back to Three with 50% what I can get from Vodafone.







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