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10Mbit/s throttling on 'unlimited MAX' 4G service (Ofcom issue)

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There are multiple reports surfacing online of Vodafone applying 10Mbit/s throttling (in accordance with their 10Mbit/s throttled service) to their unthrottled, so-called 'unlimited MAX' 4G service. Whether this is intentional or unintentional, this constitutes a form of mis-selling because there is an incongruity between the service advertised and the service received.


Vodafone offer three major plans on 4G:


The third, unlimited MAX, is explicitly advertised as an unthrottled service (whereas by contrast the first and second have throttles of 2Mbit/s and 10Mbit/s respectively).


In particular, there are numerous instances of Vodafone inappropriately applying the 10Mbit/s throttling to users that have been sold the unthrottled, so-called unlimited MAX 4G plan - see at least here:


This has nothing to do with any terms and conditions relating to fair-usage or the like – this is a network issue that would appear to relate to certain 4G masts. In one instance Vodafone identified the issue as a faulty security board on a mast, but in any case this issue is happening to a sufficient many users that even just a google search of ‘Vodafone throttling unlimited max plan’ reveals many users complaining on various internet sites complaining about experiencing throttling despite paying extra for a service explicitly advertised as unthrottled.


Since this may be considered a form of mis-selling, it is an issue that could initiate an Ofcom investigation. See here:


Please can Vodafone investigate at the network-wide level this issue and address it, in order to resolve this apparent incongruity between service offered and service provided?



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16: Advanced member

You're digging up old threads and suggesting it's a massive issue. If it was we'd see a lot of people posting here, and we don't.

Mis-selling is a bit of a stretch too.

Do you have an issue you'd like assistance with?

Sure - I am personally experiencing this throttling. I have contacted Vodafone and an incident report / investigation is apparently underway. But this is obviously an issue that affects / has affected multiple users. I think it is beyond dispute that the application of throttling to a service advertised as unthrottled is a serious issue. Naturally the true number of affected users will be significantly greater than the posts on this forum and other internet forums - only a select number of tech savvy users are going to report it and can distinguish this from congestion. In my case it can be circumvented by reconnecting to mast and the throttling gets applied in about 50/50 connections. Once connected, the throttled 10Mbit/s state remains until reconnection. 

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi there @Lynxthecat - We're discussing this on another thread regarding your speeds and network service. If we could try to stick to that thread alone for this issue we'll be able to help with much more efficiency 😊