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4g speed boost after cutting off 3g. Yeah right !

4: Newbie

Hello all  🙂

I'm really annoyed by you Vodafone. Been with you since 1996.

For the last 18 months or more, you have been telling me that you're going to cut off the 3g data signal in my area, and for me to make sure i have a 4g capable device. Fair enough.
Most of the time, 4g is junk in my area, always has been, especially in the evenings. I always have to use 3g. There is no other way.

You keep mentioning that cutting off 3g will BOOST 4g speeds and signal across the board.

So i wait and wait and wait for you to cut the 3g off. Im talking like almost 2 years of texts and emails from you telling me that 3g will end.

Ok, so my contract ran out around Christmas time. I waited more and more time for you to cut the 3g off, but it did not happen.

So i recently begrudgingly renewed my contract with you again, for another 2 years !!

As soon as i start another contract with you, BOOM, my 3g gets cut off and my 4g signal is $h1te. Mobile speeds terrible, just like they always were on 4g.
Very clever tactic that was. Stuck with you for another 2 years.

Where is this 4g speed BOOST that you kept banging on about whilst sending me your dribble ? Because i am not seeing it. Not very happy with you Vodafone.

You havnt been to my house to check how fast the speeds are, so how can you say it runs at an acceptable rate at busy times ? You cant.


My postcode information is plenty of data for you to work with.


Your speed checker is a pathetic tool and totally untrust worthy on a daytime working procedure.
Not a reliable source of information. A total lie. Junk in my opinion.

In the evenings, i am barely able to get speeds working over 128 kb/s.

Come 2am its pumping out speeds upto 20 mbits. What good is that when youre asleep ?

Turning off 3g will BOOST 4g speeds, yeah right. I knew it wasnt going to happen.

Its EXACTLY the same as its always been.


4: Newbie

Calm down everything is working fine lol its your settings 😆 🤣 😂 seriously tho I'm in same boat as you.  you won't get a answer on here then they will just direct you to social media and will get you checking your phone settings or change your sim or say you live in a patchy network area or there is maintenance on local mast then change there mind then everything is working OK their end. Basically vodafail will say tough luck without actually saying it. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to hear you're both having issues when connecting to our network.

If we're undertaking maintenance to a mast near to you @JAMESORCHARD the increased traffic on the surrounding masts can cause congestion, I'm sorry to hear this has happened in your case. Once the works completed your service should return to normal, if not a quick manual roam, or redstart of your phone should refresh your connection, and reconnect you to the strongest connection.

I've checked the postcode provided @Pluginz, I can see the mast you're connected to is working as expected and has experienced no downtime recently. If you're still unable to connect, please see our Network FAQ's for more help with this.


Lol 😆 apparently the local mast was having maintenance confirmed twice by vodafone and then confirmed twice it wasn't 🤣  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Apologies to hear you received conflicting information @JAMESORCHARD, pop us a message via one of our Social Channels and we'll be more than happy to get you a definitive answer 😊

Thanks but no thanks its been no help at all. once bitten twice shy and all that 

Better things to be doing than getting robotic  delay/deflection  answers.

Community Manager
Community Manager

If you change your mind, you know where we are @JAMESORCHARD.