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Network queries

WiFi Connected, But Without Internet

2: Seeker

Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to help for some reason this afternoon about 11am the WiFi started saying "Connected, Without Internet". I have turned off the router by plug and waited 5 mins before turning it back on, turned router off using the on/off/reset button on back, taken the Internet cable that leads to the outside out as well, reset all our TP links (we have 4) and reset our WiFi extender and WiFi Booster Router since where the router is the signal struggles to stay connected, but the extender and booster router have helped massively, but for some reason today nothing wants to work and comes up with the error I mentioned earlier. We have never had the WiFi connected, but without Internet on every device as the TP links using ethernet cables have tended to stay connected despite WiFi interruptions. If someone can advise on what to do or a member of the admin team that would be most appreciated thank you.

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Hey there @Hellz_Bellz_16 - I understand how important it is to have a stable connection, especially now. Since you've advised of everything you have tried so far, I'd like to run some tests on your line to see if we can find any fault. To do this could you please drop us a message on social media? Make sure to include a link back this forum post and your landline/account number.

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