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Network queries - frequently asked questions

We receive a number of network related queries every month and many of these ask about how we handle these enquiries. This FAQ tells you everything you need to know:1) I've posted a network query - what now?  It’s important that you give us as much i...

Tash by Moderator (Retired)
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Network issues – initial checks and template

If you're having network problems, please read the information below before posting. This will help us to identify any issues more quickly. A network issue would include loss of signal, poor signal or problems making/receiving calls or texts:   1. Ch...

Tash by Moderator (Retired)
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Internet network issues

The last few days I've had a problem with my connection, have calls and texts, have unlimited data according to Vodafone. Phone is showing full signal and 4g but yet no Internet connection, tried hotspotting to recieve the same issue 

First no network, now no checker

KW17.  No network from Vodafone for 3 weeks. Occasionally one bar for a minute or two. Now the network checker wont work with my postcode. Vodafone plan to let he know when it’s fixed. Not much use.  What else can I do?  No one at Vodafone seems remo...

Fionaocl by 2: Seeker
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Company website blocked by Vodafone Rete Sicura (Italy)

Dear good morning I'm sorry if I'm writting in a UK forum but it's almost impossible to reach Vodafone Italy support if you're not a customer, moreover I found other thread reagarding this specific topic and moderators where able to forward the reque...

urm-gb by 2: Seeker
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My site is being blocked by securenet

Hello,I am the owner, i made handmade rings and pens for clients and have been for 5 years. Several clients, including myself are experiencing securenet issues, unable to access the website/orders/accounts and tracking with warnin...


SecureNet wrongly classifying website

HiThis site is being blocked by SecureNet.  It was hacked some time back but is now clean and has no blacklists on VirusTotal.Could you please re-scan and re-classify it?Many thanks

swsweb by 2: Seeker
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Vodafone 4G dropping connection overnight

Hi I am based in Devon and use 4G for working from home as the BT Connection is so poor in my area. It has been working fine for many months and had fantastic download speeds in excess of 70mbps at most times however I am  finding that the connection...

kbrownuk by 2: Seeker
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4G mobile internet mobile hotspot R228t

For the last several months the 4G mobile internet has been really slow, which has coincided with Vodafone turning off 3G also ?I have been using the service for about 1 year and initially the service and  speeds were fine given my rural location whi...

Amergin by 2: Seeker
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Shocking signal since dropping 3G

Since Vodafone have dropped 3G the signal in my area has been shocking to say the least. Previously Vodafone stood out among all the providers in my area but now it’s hopeless. In trying to run a business and working alone in remote areas it has beco...

My website is being wrongly blocked by securenet

Hi, my website is being blocked by secure net but I don't know why? I have looked at other threads on the subject and run it through the virus checks, etc and don't get anything flagged. Can someone please investigate what's causing...

Vodafone is Blocking my Website

Vodafone Securenet is blocking my website I can see that my website has a secure SSL with Squarespace. Also, there is no sensitive content on my website.I have seen on other discussions that websites have been sen...

tgart1 by 2: Seeker
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