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Off topic

How can I give positive feedback on a team member?

3: Seeker

I can find nothing on the Vodafone website which would allow me to provide positive feedback on an individual team member.


It's a pity because the service provided by Suzanne in the Newport Friars Walk store yesterday in trying to resolve a billing issue for me was exemplary, with her spending well over an hour getting to the bottom of the issues, doing battle with Vodafone's own billing teams to obtain a refund of incorrect charges, and even finding me a lower-cost monthly tariff providing the same benefits as my existing plan.


I'm sure that if I'd tried to resolve the issues myself by ringing Customer Services (assuming I could actually get through the queueing system) I'd have found the experience considerably more frustrating!

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17: Community Champion

Hi, the forum is monitored by Vodafone staff and they will see this post and feed it back to the store.


Its good to hear some positive feedback. Thanks for posting.

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17: Community Champion

Always nice to see good positive feedback. 


Brings balance. 



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Moderator (Retired)

Hi @chrismca


Thanks for letting us know, it's great to hear that you received such amazing service from one of our stores.


I will get this passed on for you :Smiling:





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1: Seeker

Hi. Had a very difficult experience last year with Vodafone but having renewed my contract in July I’ve had some EXCELLENT customer service. I spoke to DYLAN today (in Manchester apparently) and he was polite, friendly and very professional and dealt with my query. He was what I expect when I speak to customer service and that’s what matters to customers.  Even if something goes wrong we want to be able to speak to someone who is understanding and knowledgeable and will do their best to resolve the issue. Thank you Dylan and thank you Vodafone for giving me confidence in your company once again!  


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I'm glad to hear you've had such a positive experience when you spoke to Dylan @Julesisdancing. We'll be happy to pass your feedback on to his manager. To help us track him down, let us know how, when and why you contacted us, and what he did to help you.

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